Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October Wanderings

I was wandering along in my local Target (which happens to be my son's current place of employment until he ships out in January) just minding my own business when a couple of placements jumped into my cart. I think it's funny that my DH didn't bat an eye eating off this. 

Meanwhile, the Halloween plastic placement that I bought to go under the kitties' food dishes, caused a disapproving reaction. It has orange pumpkins and a black chevron border on the top and bottom. And apparently that border distressed my cat. He kept trying to get to his food without going over the border. Sat there looking at the placement and then looking at me and meowing his disapproval. It's okay. After a day and half, he's adjusted. I just thought it was funny. 

On Monday, I finished buttonholing my first box and did the four-sided stitch around it. Yesterday was rainy and dark and I didn't dare work on the second square.
So instead, I finished stitching my kite and now I've got to do the actual finishing. And I just might add some beads to it. That'll give it some weight. 

And I bought a book on lucette braiding at the Fiber Fest. Came home and pulled one of mine out of hiding and chose a pretty nylon ribbon yarn. Not perfect, but it's okay enough for me to continue to make something of it. But what to do? (You can find some basic lucet/lucette instructions here on a
 SCA site.)

After a long investigation of the bead drawer, I realized I didn't have any pendant or cabochons of the proper color. So I decided to make a piece for my cording.

I had purchased these quick start peyote cards and my gosh, that was quick! No more fumbling trying to get those first two rows established. I started beading a base and then ran out in the rain to a bead store because (and I find this difficult to believe) I didn't have any purple beads! My base is being done with cheap Czech beads - non-uniform and they are causing problems. But the rest will be beaded with Miyuki Delicas, my much-appreciated go to beads for beadweaving. 

Where shall I wander today? I've got some clothes that need returning...

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