Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Things are spinning out of control here as I get ready to leave for the EGA National Seminar with husband. 

Cars. Computers. Pre-work woes. 

Trying to stay calm.

Everything will get done. Or it won't. 

I haven't picked up a needle since Thursday until this afternoon when I made some cutting errors on my pre-work and had to do repairs! Yikes. That's not the relaxing type of stitching.

The good news is that I'm adjusting to a new exercise program and am no longer feeling like a mule kicked me in the butt in the afternoons. I'm enjoying it, but today was the first time when I felt like I just didn't have time to exercise. But that's the new #1 priority. 

So if you're going to Seminar, be sure to say hi if you see me. 

I might find time to post again before we leave - did I mention a 6 a.m. flight? What was I thinking? Oh. I know. More time in New Mexico!



Nicola said...

Good luck, stay calm

Anna van Schurman said...

Have fun!