Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Blogger, Bad

The title would be me castigating myself. I've been so lax of late on writing that I fear I have lost my habit and need to reinstall the desire to write several times a week. I think of things to write here everyday, but seldom get the oppportunity to put them on the blog. 

Resolving (yes, once again) to be better!

I took two friends with me last week to In Stitches where we managed to find some things that had to leave the store with us. We followed this with Thai food and trip to the framers. That was my ultimate goal as I decided having multiple opinions when framing something as orange as Moxie would be best. My original vision was unnattainable. I could see this with a navy blue almost black mat and a silver frame. We chose a white mat and black frame with silver accents. I'm sure I'll be wild about it. 

Here's one of the canvases I rescued at In Stitches. Not the most perfect painting job, but I think with some careful examination of the Vermeer painting, I could find stitching this enjoyable and challenging. I've never done that much skin before and that's the real reason I finally broke down and bought this. It may never get finished, but I could learn a lot from attempting to bring this to life.

This is a photo from the class I taught in June at my EGA Chapter. I called it Monument at Dusk. Somehow I was deep into samplers when I was trying to decide what I was going to do. The class was more of a how-to get your photos on to canvas than what are you going to do with it after. 
And then right after that class we went on a retreat weekend and my roommate, Jane, brought her class piece. Which she started and finished. And added some extra bling. Jane thought the monument needed the flashing red lights that warn planes away. And then she added a UFO changing the title to "No Fly Zone." I'm jealous I didn't think of that myself!
Other things I've been buying: 

Okay. Color me crazy, but that tooth fairy box is a for a child that hasn't been born yet. Gives me lots of time! But then I decided to stitch it in this Fine d'Aubusson wool. I haven't stitched with this thread yet and I may go ahead and start this soon. Just to see what I think of the thread. I know that they need to make some purples as I had to pick some Bella Lusso to round out my color palette. 

The beachy girl is what I am imaging my granddaughter is going to look like. A little blond picking up shells on the beach. Isn't she pretty?
 I'll leave you with a rainbow. We saw this while eating dinner the first night of the retreat. Started with one, then there were two. And then we watched it move away from us. Took nearly 30 minutes to totally disappear.


Ann said...

Love, love, LOVE the little girl on the beach canvas! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Sara Leigh said...

I totally missed Girl with Pearl Earring and was obviously too wrapped up in finding something for myself. Hahaha. I love the EGA piece, and Jane's additions are perfect!