Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two, Two, Two Days in a Row

Posting two days in a row. That's how to make this a habit again. 

And for your reward for stopping by to check out my blog, I give you this video of women making their lives better through embroidery:

Kantha Embroidery in India 

Don't know much about Kantha? Neither did I. Quick intro here: Kantha

And here: Kantha  

Interesting that Kantha means rags. And that this is essentially making a quilt or quilted type fabric. 

In personal stitching news:

We have another new project. I know. I am officially an idiot as I have no right taking on anything new. My lack of finishes is amazing this year. And I continue to start new things. Sad, but true. 

This one is a Correspondence Course with the American Needlepoint Guild. 

The designer is Rachel Atkinson who just happens to live in the town where my daughter works. And bonus points because she's also a Rachel like my daughter. 

But I digress. This is the beginning of the Gordian Knot. I admit that a few changes may have been made to the threads used. Neon Rays is not my friend and it became Shimmer Ribbon Floss. And I bumped up two of the colors of pearl cotton and took the Flair down a notch. It's funny that this piece is on gray canvas and I spent all my time eliminating the colors that had too much gray in them for me except for the pearl cotton that matches the canvas which will be used in the pulled canvas part of this course. 

Like the blue kitty magnet that I bought to match my piece? I do!

I'm hoping to finish this quadrant sometime today and it's stitchy Thursday this morning followed by needlepoint guild meeting tonight. I got into a rhythm with the squared herringbone stitches - those lighter boxes that got surrounded by silver Kreinik. Reminds me of Tiffany boxes and that always a good thing. 

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Sara Leigh said...

Thanks for the links about Kantha. Very cool. You're making me wish that I'd gone ahead and done the Gordian Knot with you guys. However, the first installment of the Building Blocks series by Michael Boren and Carole Lake arrived yesterday, so I do have something new to play with. Yay! I seriously have to get back to my blogging. It's been months.