Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy, Busy Week

I haven't lost my marbles yet, but it'll be a close call by Saturday. It's one of our Saturday meetings in my Guild and this year I'm the Pres so I guess that means I'm large and in charge!

But seriously. I've been learning new things all week. Like today I learned how to use Microsoft Publisher. You'll see the results of this learning after the meeting. 

And I don't remember what exactly it was I needed at Michael's on Sunday, but I had to find something there. Seems I haven't been there in a while. (Foursquare said 4 months...) I used to go every week, back in the day when I traveled with a certain companion who loved to shop. 

Anyway, while traversing the aisles looking for my mystery item, I found these:

 Lots and lots of sequins. In fact, on the bottom right, that's a whole package of silver stars. On the left, flowers. The rest are squares and circles. Now for the counted folks who stitch on linen, you all are yawning and going so what? But the for the canvas embellishment people, this might bring a sparkle to your eye. Me, myself, and I am not a blingy bling kind of gal. But in the right situation, I can see using these. Must be why I left with four packages in assorted colors. 

And just so the counted folks don't feel left out:

 Um. Yeah. These are way cheaper than any of the tin necklace frames I've seen in the cross stitch stores. But they were in an odd place - not with the jewelry. Oh and somewhere in my stash I have a Tim Holtz watchcase from the scrapbooking section - also good for holding needlework and wearing as a necklace.

There. Reasons to shop at Michaels. 

PS No time for proofreading...

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Anna van Schurman said...

People need a reason to shop at the craft store? What now?