Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Technology, Fun Except When It Isn't

On Monday morning I went to check my blogs on Feedly and got the "over capacity" notice. Same thing yesterday. And again this morning. 

Now I knew Google Reader was ending, but I was having some seriously bad thoughts about choosing Feedly when I thought maybe I should google the issue. 

Sure enough. They aren't "over capacity." There was a slight bug that happened as Google Reader shut off and if you too are suffering from the "over capacity" message on your phone, just go update your app. They have fixed this little bug. 

Still not sure that I love Feedly. I have issues with seeing everything. I have issues with commenting. Let's face. I just have issues!

Because I successfully navigated that problem, I decided to tackle another. Moving photos from my phone onto the computer. Strangely enough, my PC recognizes my phone as a "music" device and thus, I cannot see thumbnails of my photos. WFT? This makes dragging and dropping photo files a complete pain in the tushy. Rather than go through and put all my photos into files or any other such thing, I decided to try Dropbox. As we speak all my photos are synching to my computer. And yeah, it just finished. Now to go see what's there and what to keep. 

Okay. That was like an hour detour. I may grow to like this Dropbox thing a lot!

In Stitching News: Three days of retreating is not enough. That's really not news. Anyone who has ever participated in a retreat knows that you would gladly do this until the pain of sitting and stitching stopped you. The first full day it was my lower back. The table and chair were not at the height I usually work at apparently. Thus stitching on my sampler did not proceed at the pace that I wanted. I plugged away at longer than I should have. And then moved to canvas projects that I had on my stand.

Today I am still having problems with my dominant hand. Not tendonitis. This time I'm thinking that's the arthritis. Please do not hit me where my index finger joins my palm. I might scream loud enough to break glass if you do. I see ice in my future today. And maybe even some ibuprofen. 

Here's the band from the Loudoun Sampler Guild's Mystery Sampler that I was working on. I need to finish my blue flower and put in the top bit of blackwork. 

Then I'll be working on a blackwork band. And then I'll be stitching another floral band. And if I could get all this done in ten days, I'd be all caught up. 

News Flash:  getting caught up is not happening!


Margaret said...

Oh my, that piece is just so gorgeous! Wow on Feedly. I haven't had any problems at all. I actually enjoy it as a reader. I've been using it since March. I hope it gets better for you as time goes on.

Sara Leigh said...

I haven't used Feedly much on my iPhone, but I was using it on my iPad while I had no internet in the house. I don't like it as much on that as on the computer, which is where I usually read. I like it more than Reader, but I tended not to use Reader for more than an organizer/collector, preferring to go directly to the blogs to read and/or comment. I'm loving Feedly for its ease of use and variety of ways to view it. The only downside for me so far: I'm spending way too much time there first thing in the morning now. I added NPR, and I'm fascinated every morning! It's so much more than just a newspaper.

You'll be caught up on that Mystery Sampler in no time! Of course, that means everything else will have to go on the back burner for a bit.