Friday, July 26, 2013


The boy child, who was home on leave before reporting to his first duty station, gave his momma a cold. At a very bad time. Tomorrow is our guild's Saturday luncheon and I'm sure I'm forgetting something because my brain isn't working properly. 

But I still love him. And he did a fine job of jumping out of airplanes at Ft. Benning. Which is grand. And the new baby will have a dad with wings. Only about a month to go!

I did complete my Presidents' Challenge on Tuesday and finished framing it this morning. Phew. Now what should the new challenge be? Anyone got any good ideas?

I was thinking of the fact that we haven't gotten home yet. Because no matter how long I live somewhere else, New Hampshire is still referred to as home by me.
 We'd be stopping by to see the roses.
 Maybe share a nut with a friend.
 Or just contemplate the ocean views?

I've still got work to do so that I can just jump in the car in the morning. That's all the reminiscing I can do for now. 


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