Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Got my Wish

I did get to drive to my not LNS on Saturday to pick up my framing. Also got some Kreinik braid and silks. My piece looks lovely except there is one teeny tiny little white thread ort smack dab in the middle. You can't see till you get within 12 inches of it. I didn't even notice it till later in the day. DH got his wish, too, which was a trip to Circuit City. He's building a new 'puter and has been furiously ordering pieces online. But there was a great deal on a video card at CC.

We also got the treat of dinner out without the teenagers. Much cheaper that way. And a nice long lingering visit to a bookstore, where the only money we spent was on Chai. Gosh, I'm a cheap date.

Finished my Star of Wonder ornament by With my Needle out of the JCS 2002 ornament issue. That is, I finished the stitching. The true finishing part of the piece will have to wait till after Thanksgiving.

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