Saturday, November 22, 2003

Library Find

I got lucky at the library. Found four needlepoints they were giving away. They are in awesome condition. Three vintage 1960's and one from 1972.

At least the wind never blew us away last week. But it did take the majority of leaves in my yard further down the hill so now I've got nothing to rake. Living here is making up for 2 years spent living with 30 or so oak trees in Virginia. But my poor chrysanthemums which are in pots have take a few journeys around the porch which have left them looking like they lost the fight.

I've been busy planning and plotting for a visit from Sis and family. House isn't in bad shape, but there are still things I can do. I've rearranged furniture this week. Hung valances in the living room. I've got two light fixtures I want to replace. And maybe do a quick curtain for DS's room. I ordered my fresh turkey (no additives, no growth hormones, etc.) Fortunately for me, cooking is a pleasure not a chore. I'm looking forward to this visit.

Which of course means that there won't be much time for stitching. The best I'll probably accomplish is crocheting on scarf and lap rug. Better than nothing.

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