Thursday, January 06, 2005

Frogging Silk Gauze

You would think I could tell black from dark, dark grey.

But no. On Sunday while still at my in-laws I stitched away on 40ct silk gauze with the wrong color. What a pain in the ass that was to frog. Two threads worth. It was so painful I only added about 5 new stitches with the correct color - black!

Stash Enhancement

While in NH, I of course made my piligrimage to Yankee Cross Stitch in North Hampton. I was good. Bought a Mill Hill peyote beaded mini purse which I promptly stitched. This will be a donation to my EGA chapter - maybe for the basket for regional seminar. Side note - the directions to this suck. If you've never beaded before you'll give up before you get to the third row. I tried 5 times before giving up. Went to bed and woke up with the solution to my problem.

Bought another perforated paper santa. I've got 5 of these on my tree, but did not complete a new one this year. Bummer. Bought a Homespun Elegance "Merry Cardinal" ornament chart. MIL has a thing about cardinals apparently.

Bought Carriage House Samplings "My Hometown."
another some day project...

Bought the Black Forest by the Goode Huswife.
The Black Forest
This is a reproduction of a design from Transylvania stitched on black. Saw a shop model and it knocked my socks off. I can't remember if I have any black linen, but I did buy the silks for this one.

Bought the Feb. issue of JCS mostly for the envelope directions. But saw the tea cosy and thought I could do this in blue. Didn't look at it closely before buying - it's a prefab tea cosy. Thought I was getting some more directions. Sigh

Also picked up issue #32 of Stitch by the Embroiders' Guild in the UK. Has a wonderful article on Polish flower embroidery among other things. My hometown has a large Polish heritage population (yes, we even have a Polish American Club - see Bill Morrissey lyrics about drinking at the PAC, if you are a folk fan.) These women would march in the Memorial Day parade every year in the most beautifully embroidered outfits that included beribboned, flowered head pieces. What a colorful sight. Next time I'm home, I'll have to go searching for someone who can show me what they do.

And that it's for stashing.
I said I was good. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Anna van Schurman said...

You are heroic! heroic! for taking stitches out of silk gauze. I took a silk gauze class with Maureen Appleton years ago because I wanted to be sure I'd like it before I invested in magnification. I still have the mistake in it. I just figured I'd go buy more gauze if I felt so moved. Which I obviously haven't. Love the Goode Huswife pattern you bought--too bad about her.

jo said...

I took a class with Maureen Appleton too!
That was my Lavish Lily which is silk and rayon (over one of course)on a small ct fabric.
At the same time I took a silk gauze class with Paula from Crossed Wing.
But as this was a few years ago, it is now obviously time for me to invest in magnification!