Wednesday, January 12, 2005

six inches

of fresh new snow

and now it's raining

I was already outside clearing the way to the trash/recycling and that means I can almost get the car out of the garage

but it's supposed to get warmer today and tomorrow almost reach 60 degrees

I need to finish a little scrapbook I'm doing for my grandmother who turns 96 next week.
She's pretty darn amazing. Still lives alone. Just gave up driving last fall. Will climb onto her roof if she thinks it's necessary. Works as a volunteer in a kitchen once a week. Loves to play cards. Rides her 3 wheeled bike everyday. And she's the one I can thank for my crafty gene. She taught me to use a sewing machine, to thread a needle, to crochet, to knit. If something ever needs doing, she just does it. Much love to you, Gram!

So today is time for scrapping. Then maybe I'll look into making a list of WIPs. Time to admire that mauve table runner and any other old surprises I've got lurking in my cases and boxes of stitching stuff.

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