Thursday, January 20, 2005

Just for Giggles

I went to a taping of Regis and Kelly yesterday with a large group of women.

Was totally freeezinggg yesterday morning. Five degrees at my house. But we persevered and rewarded our frozen selves with hot beverages at the Starmucks across the street from the studio. Fortunately the line to get in is inside the building for those who already have tickets.

We waited and talked and laughed. And finally got led into the studio. Sat down and watched all the behind the scenes people do all the behind the scenes stuff. Gelman gives his spiel to the audience and we're off.

No Regis today :-(
We have to settle for Jeff Probst. I never watch Survivor, but he seems like a very personable fellow.
Kelly is as cute as can be. Great shoes. She comes over and talks to the audience during commercials.
Ice Cube - acts like a big teddy bear
Donald Trump - nicer looking in person
Richard Marx - a live performance without lip synching and he can actually play the guitar too!

Glad we went. Will have to go again to see Reege though....

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