Monday, January 10, 2005

so many wonderful people

There are so many wonderful people out there in cyberspace writing. I wanted to make a comment on a blog I read this morning, but it's another different hosting site that wants me register before allowing me to comment. I think I've reached my fill of registering. And instead will comment here.

I was reading SharonB's Inaminuteago when I saw the title of this blog and thought it was brilliant! More Art, Less Housework I admire cleverness such as that. Brava! Here's hoping she gets her wish. We all need more art and less housework.

I did want to comment on a trip we made to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My main intention in going there was to see the Art Deco exhibit (which closed on Sunday I believe.) I did love the tracing the roots of art deco. And the beautiful pieces by Cartier. But I think I was expecting something different. I wanted more furniture and more textiles.

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