Friday, March 18, 2005

ah - and news rant

I've gotten about 10 hours of stitching time into latest project and I may 10-12% finished. I'm gonna love this. It looks fab which is great incentive to keep going.

But I will have to interrupt my progress to stitch a little something to make into a needlebook for a finishing class at next EGA meeting. I found some lovely monkey w/hat and palm tree fabric that I'd love to use to back it. And I have a wonderful little chart of palm tree on an island and I just need to add a couple of monkeys - and voila - magic.

My search for monkeys of the appropriate type has led me all over the place, only to come back to examing my own stash for Noah's Ark patterns. Too many monkey patterns are cutesy-poo!

Legal stuff on news:

Okay, Martha's outta jail.
Robert Blake is not guilty.
Scott Peterson is on deathrow.
Can we please, please get MJ out of the news too?

None of the above is actually news. Why are we bombarded with it? Who are these people who are allegedly fascinated by these stupid celebrity (or in Peterson's case - the trial made him a celebrity) trials? Everyone I know is sick to death of it. I feel sorry for Amber Frey for having the bad judgement to hook up with a sociopathic murderer. But I'm not going to read her book. Or see her movie. Nor do I care what Amy Fisher is doing now, so why does Oprah?

Can we please have some real news? how about some in depth analysis of something vital like Medicaire? or the environment?

And what is up with Headline News? What's up with the new line-up? "On February 21, Headline News launched "Headline Prime" an all-new, prime-time lineup, featuring "Showbiz Tonight," a live entertainment news show; "Nancy Grace" a legal news and debate show and "Prime News Tonight," a nightly, national news program. Before and after the new programs, Headline News continues to provide you with top stories, business news, sports, weather and entertainment news around the clock." Has anyone else stumbled on this and thought they'd hit the wrong button on the remote?

Where the hell is the news?

Oh yeah.

That's right.

Reminder to self: donate money to NPR and Public Television.

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