Thursday, March 10, 2005

stitchy thoughts

Due to cold weather, there was not a large turnout last night at my EGA meeting. We had a short informal meeting, then just started talking while stitching.

Unfortunately we were talking about the state the stitching and membership in guilds. How do you get new people interested in this craft of needlework? DMC is trying. They have started a mentor program which you can check out here - Cross Stitch Classes with DMC Cross Stitch Mentor Program

I've signed up for this program. Over the years, I have started more than my share of stitchers
on their way. I've given away my own supplies (we all know that means you could just buy more!) I've shared knowledge, techniques, tips, etc. I stitch in public and willing answer all questions.

I've set a goal of starting at least one person on the stitching path before I move away from our current location this summer.

It was easier in the past for me to find stitching buddies. It seems that scrapbooking has taken precedence among my Army wife friends and that there are fewer stitchers out there. I scrapbook, too, but haven't allowed that to take over totally. There is something meditative about stitching. Good for relaxation and meditation.

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