Friday, March 25, 2005


did a whole week go by without posting?
I feel like I fell down some rabbit hole or something...where did the time go?

Let's see.
Monday was a luncheon. Tuesday was gorgeous weather (but only for a day - it snowed Wednesday night and the whole world is white again.) Yesterday cable was out till mid-afternoon because of snowstorm.

Did not accomplish a lot apparently. LOL

Going to beauty salon today w/DD. She got her haircut yesterday to up above her shoulders. Her hair hasn't been this short since 1994. We're going back today. Decided she needs highlights and the hairdresser talked me into a body wave. I have not had any type of permanent since 1984. This could be interesting. If it doesn't work out, it's off with the hair.

Last week I had one six-hour day of stitching and made tremendous progress on project for DH. Since then I've managed to put in an hour or two every day. Soon I'll reach the halfway point. Which means I need to go buy some more Anchor 1036 - 'cause I changed a color and need 2 skeins. Will bring small JBW Designs photo pocket with me to the hair salon today. In the middle of all the eagle stitching, I did my design for our needlebook finishing class. Found a pattern by Samplers and Such. Changed the colors from white on red linen, to the Lavenders by Silk N Colors on lambswool. Found a white overdyed by Weeks to do the nun stitch around the edge. Looks quite charming. Then went shopping for fabric to finish the piece. Found some, but will go thru fabric stash just in case there is something better lurking there.

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