Thursday, March 17, 2005

new projects

I took longer than I thought to decide on fabric and floss for my new projects.
But eventually...

I knew I was doing the Stuck Collection, Museum of Columbus's "Peace Eagle" next. But the fabric I originally bought for this project back in 2001, had a piece missing. When did I do that? Oh well. A search for new fabric led me to choose a 28ct natural linen. But because the color of the linen is grayer than my original fabric which was warmer, that led me to change floss, too. I was never that fond of the teal that goes with the red and gold anyway. So I found a blue that's not quite navy, not quite true blue. Eh. Started and have already worked in my first mistakes.

I put my fabric on scroll rods and started stitching in the upper right hand corner. But then decided it would be better to stitch this piece sideways - well... this means I have 6 threads stitched w/the top cross laying one way and the rest going the other way. Duh. How could I have been so stupid??? For the moment, I've decided to leave it as it is. I've got the entire rest of the piece to decide how much this bugs me. I also made an extra stitch that for the moment I've left in. Once I found it, it was literally too late to just back it out. Again, I can always correct it later.

And my stitching in front of DH piece/travel piece is JBW Designs "Photo Pocket." I've had the linen banding for this piece for nearly 2 years along with the thread. Which is just red anchor. Of course, I decided to change the fiber. I mean, the red is what drew me to this in the beginning. But now it's GAST Black Raspberry Jam. Mmm, yummy.

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