Monday, March 28, 2005

Ah the Beauty

of spring break. I actually slept till 8:00 a.m. something I never seem to be able to do anymore.

DD's hair turned out wonderfully. It's like looking at another person. Me. Well I am reminded of an 80's shag, only better. I will now begin to figure out what I can do with it. Hair is not my strong suit. I never know whether to be impressed or apalled by anyone who spends major time fixing/fussing with their hair. I am just basically a wash and go kind of girl.

Got in my 2-3 threads worth of stitching over the weekend. Met my minimum requirement, but no more. Today is laundry, cleaning, etc. It is raining and yucky outside. Good day to be a duck. I guess if I'm going to try to stitch at all, I'll have to dig out the Ott Lite.

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