Thursday, March 03, 2005


Now here I was congratulating myself and all on not getting that cold that passed through my house 3 weeks and wham! Now I've got it or another horrible version of it. Feel like I have a fever when I don't. Congested, headache, sore throat. Ah misery.

Enough whining.

I had to go out in my sickened state yesterday and shovel out the mess the plows left in order to free the car from the garage. I would have stayed in and stayed in bed, but today my DD turns 18! And I still have shopping to do!

Fortunately for me, she's doing dinner with the Academic League to celebrate their wonderful season, so at least I don't have the pressure of preparing her birthday dinner.

And what does an 18 year old without a drivers license want for her birthday? a plane ticket to visit friends of course. Hey. That's easy.

I have been plugging away and plugging away at my exemplary. This is definitely a snail's pace. But I am making progress and will finish with a flourish soon.

Need to plug camera dock back into 'puter so I can document progress. Technologically impaired here. I can do it, but I don't like it...

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