Monday, January 30, 2006

all is good laziness

except for waking up with a pain in the neck - not referring to DH, but to actual pain running down the left side my neck.

Did not accomplish anything of note yesterday. Did find a used bookstore that nicely was having a bluegrass jam session. Of course, this meant too many people present to browse effectively. But I did find a copy of book I tried to get last year. (not saying name - is a gift.) Also bought a copy of Julia Child & Company. Came home and promptly wasted time browsing it. The nice thing about this book is its setup. It is organized by menus. She gives shopping lists and truly helpful recommendations. Then after the recipes, she gives alternates and suggestions for what to do with leftovers. What is it about this woman that makes me think deboning a whole chicken would be easy...

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