Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Birthday Fun

Not mine, though.

I nicely made a wonderful breakfast complete with bloody mary for my hardworking hubby. We didn't do gifts, 'cause he was instructed to find his own - LOL. Not that I'm mean. It just worked out this way... Anyway - there's a Kangol hat he wants, but it's on backorder.

We went into the Kennedy Center yesterday to see the Salute to Vienna concert - the only official, sanctioned by Vienna touring version of their New Years concert. What's not to love about a world class orchestra, opera and ballet? There's the fun of dressing up and mingling with other well-dressed people. The soprano was simply amazing. Wunnerful, wunnerful.

Due to our severe lack of imagination, we stopped at the Sweetwater Tavern for dinner. Cheers for the Crazed Jackass Ale. It deserves its Silver Medal! I'm officially in love with the remoulade sauce that they serve with smoked salmon appetizer. Still not having any luck recreating it at home. I wonder if they'd be so kind as to share that recipe with me?

Came home, polished off the remaining whoopie pies we had left from New Years Day. (Which, btw, was tremendous fun. If only I hadn't woken up with a migraine. I did manage to pull off a heck of meal. Stuffed mushrooms and a crabmeat tropical thingy to start. Homemade mac n cheese, ham, carrots, brussel sprouts and french bread.) We had friends over and played pool and shot darts and drank Rudesheimer cafe... Made Italian sandwiches for supper.

So after writing all that - I definitely see the need to go find my workout togs and get on the Erg!

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