Monday, January 23, 2006


Can you say breakfast out for six days in a row? We had one homecooked meal in the entire week and that was at someone else's house...LOL My mother does not cook in FL.

My gram's house in now empty of personal items. I 've got 2 boxes of stuff coming via UPS.

We had a party on what would have been Gram's 97th birthday complete with a birthday cake. Every had such nice things to say about her. It's hard to be sad when she managed so well to do things her way right till the end.

I did get in a quick stop at the Golden Needle in Port Charlotte - had been there once before in 2001. She's got a nice selection of things. I bought a flamingo chart that will look lovely in my gray masterbath. Also a couple of charts from By the Bay - Cross Stitch Unlimited - Charts > Designers > By the Bay Needleart

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