Tuesday, January 31, 2006

two books

It's official. I'm giving up on a book. I rarely do not finish a book, even when I dislike it. But John Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces has undone me. Why the hell did this book win the Pultizer Prize? Some people think this book is funny??? OMB. I am not amused. Nor am I engaged. I do not care what happens to Ignatius, Miss Trixie, or any of them. Officially made it to page 252...

Second Pulitzer Prize winner that I am not understanding why it won - Richard Ford's Independence Day. At least this book was readable. I finished it. But it was underwhelming. I am not impressed.

What is wrong with the state of modern literature? or for that matter, what is wrong with Pultizer committee?

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Mary said...

I totally agree with you re: Independence Day. I too got through it (I admit I started skimming a little near the end). I was totally disappointed with it. It also won the Penn Faulkner award the year it won the Pulitzer. Over 400 pages of useless rumination by a selfish guy- with no redeeming interesting event etc. Also prose was difficult and dialog ridiculously unreal- who talks like that!!!!