Monday, January 09, 2006


wasn't a Kreinik blackwork freebie - it was Rainbow Gallery. My bad...

Been very, very busy. Friday night we met with friends and went to a Capitols/Flyers game. Glad I got to see Alex Ovechkin play. What incredible skating ability. He was absolutely amazing. And for the Flyers, it's nice to see Peter Forsberg still making a difference. All these years of college (and a little minor league) hockey and this was my first NHL game. Like anyone in my family was going to take me to see the Bruins back in the day. Sigh. Would have been terrific to see Bobby Orr and Phil Espisito.

Saturday, I dragged DH off to the D.C. Big Flea Market - I had one goal in mind - scope out the oak sideboards and china cabinets. Hours later - still hadn't found any "deals" - but had seen some beautiful things. Because I was being single minded, we didn't spend a cent. Even with all that beautiful glass for sale. Hours of walking on concrete totally wrecked my back and feet for the remainder of the day. Good thing we just went home to pizza, beer, and football. Go, Patriots!

Sunday, slept later than I have in years. Eventually we ended up at Barnes and Noble where I bought Apples to Apples. We did manage to play it last night. Too funny. Mystical penguins?!?
Also went to another organ recital at the National Cathedral. I chose not to sit in the choir as last time that hurt my ears. So I sat by myself with a brand new book of poetry and had a marvelous time.

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