Tuesday, April 18, 2006

freakin' back

Strained that freakin' twingy muscle in my back this morning. GAck. Just when the weather is going back to nice and sunny. Feel a tremendous need to get outside and dig. Poor poor me...

Meanwhile I'm looking around the office at the stuff I piled up to freecycle. But don't feel up to it. Maybe tomorrow.

And how did I forget to watch the Boston Marathon yesterday? Sigh. I knew it was Patriots Day. Kuddos to the American men for placing 5 finishers in the top 10. Maybe men's distance running is making that long awaited comeback here in the U.S.

If I can get comfortable sitting later - some IB and heat may help - I need to finish EGA project. Desperately. As the finishing part of this project is next week. Got some more ideas from my sister for the embellishments. Don't know how I'd forgotton ladyslippers. I guess I was only thinking about what blooms at the lake in the summer, which actually isn't much under all those pine trees. Which then made me remember my Gram's irises. This adds up to choices of - lily pads, ladyslippers, irises, pine trees, blueberry bushes, and maybe a spider web 'cause they look cool. Maybe throw in some strawberries. And then I'll have an ornie that will remind me of one of my favorite places in the whole world.

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