Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday morning

Yesterday we purchased one of those garden gazebos things for which you can also get the hanging screens. Which we also got. Because those flippin' mosquitos from Asia are nasty. They are out all day long. And they are vicious. So I now have a refuse from the buggies. And my swing fits inside. Just need to do a little work in the yard and it will be wonderful.

Wasn't that difficult to set up, but the directions said 30-45 minutes. They woefully underestimated the time. And I'm not sure how 2 people are supposed to be able to lift the roof and get it attached. Fortunately DS was home and he got roped into helping at that point.

This will be hubby's #1 spot for cigar enjoyment. CAUSE I don't let him smoke in the house. Ever.

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