Wednesday, April 19, 2006

lovely spring day

That's what we'll have today. I may actually try some outdoor stitching as I don't think we're supposed to be having strong winds.

DS has a track meet so it's just hubby and me for dinner. Tuna steaks anyone?

Back is not quite right. And I need to vaccum, but would hate to aggravate this condition.

While in NH last week, my sister and made a day of it. Went to the Christmas Tree Shop and picked up a few things. Then started hitting the antique stores. Lunch at Pizza by Alex in Biddeford ME, which I recommend highly. If I lived near this place, I would eat pizza at least 3 times a week. It's that good.

Not much luck antique hunting. Usually I find all kinds of things I can't live without. In ME all I purchased was a cut glass creamer. It's gorgeous in the sunlight. In NH I found an art deco mirror tray for my dresser. That's it. Pitiful. Spent all my money on single malt scotchs for DH at the infamous NH State Liquor store. Scotch. Ugggh.

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