Monday, April 10, 2006

Red Sox

Red Sox Sweep O's in 3

Camden Yards, I mean, Fenway South. There literally are more Red Sox fans in the stands than O's fans. Ouch. Must be tough to be an O's fan.

Yesterday was our first trip to Camden Yards. Beautiful park. Nice people. We are definitely going back there.

Only regret is no one hit a homerun yesterday. But batting practice was lots of fun. Especially as our seats were 5th row left field.


Debra said...

Hi. found your blog on the Hobby blogroll at BlogHer. (I'm one of the editors).

Nice to see another stitcher who's a baseball fan... and even better an AL fan!!

jo said...

Yeah baseball!
So who do you root for?

If you say Yankees, we can't be friends...LOL