Friday, January 05, 2007

Current Projects

1) the black and white cat face Kreinik kit on silk gauze. I admit
this is making me blind. But it's 75% finished and I am determined.
I have also found silk that is more the color of our cat's eyes - she has yelowy
golden, not green eyes.

2) The Goode Huswife's "The Black Forest" which is stitched on black.
Another project which is taxing my eyes. But I love the colors. It's
maybe 25% finished. Why did this designer stop designing? Makes me sad.
I have emailed myself a photo of this and will try posting from the laptop
instead of the desktop.

3) An Alice Peterson Stitch and Zip needlepoint purse - this is a
small project destined to hold my Nintendo DS Lite. Because it's
needlepoint I can see it just fine. Even at night!

4) The Kreinik kit - Remember the Ladies - "Abigail's Wisdom." This is
a UFO I picked up. I know 2 other people who have it. Still looking for people interested in forming a support group for stitching this. I am determined that it should be finished this year. Only right as they swore in the first female speaker of the house yesterday.

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