Friday, January 12, 2007


Yesterday morning, while waiting for DD to get ready for shopping, I did a little organizing of stitching items. I have a habit of buying supplies/stash and then letting the bags pile up till it all begs to be taken care of.

The box of items completely or partially kitted up which also now contains UFOs, is overflowing. But at least they are all together. Of course, I located fibers that I know I purchased for projects, but no longer remember which projects. So those are now with the rest of the fibers and hopefully if I decided to do those particular projects, I will look in my big box of fiber fun before heading off to shop. On the fabric front, things are not that bad. I know there are two cuts of linen that belong to some project. Oh well. I've got a tremendous stash of small cuts of linens and should really stitch some ornaments to use them up.

But the funny thing is a picked out one of my oldest UFOs to work on. I was ruthless last year and ditched several projects that I know I would never, ever work on again. No guilt in that, just relief.

Which makes my current project as of yesterday - a round robin project from 1996. I had this chart that was divided into 9 squares - it's a New England sampler designed by Judith Kirby. The middle square has a saying, the other 8 are buildings like a train station and flower shop. Seven of the eight people in my round robin did their job. Which means I still have a train station to stitch and the border to finish. It's on 18ct cream Aida. I remember stitching hearts, flowers, teddy bears, birds, etc. for others in the round robin. I have the initials of the participants. And am going to see if I've got names written down anywhere. They're not in my stitching journal unfortunately. But I was working on this the same time as my Newburyport Sampler and may have an old email or two printed out in my sampler book.

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