Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fibers, Wonderful Fibers

I forgot to post about a trip to Needlewoman East in Falls Church. This was a trip to select fibers for the needlepoint canvas I painted in December. Though we painted shades of purple, my original intent was to make my flowers pink. I had the shop owner helping me and we couldn't find a run of five shades of purple in silk. I started looking at pink and the selection was even slimmer. Until she remembered that she had some Vineyard Silk from Wiltex in Boston. Sure enough, five shades of pink in the same family. Picking the browns for the stems was simpler. The leaf colors were a bit more difficult, but we managed. For the background I have off-whites in silk/wool blend and my accent stitching will be Rainbow Gallery's Mandarin which is made from bamboo.

I got excited. Came home. Put the canvas on the stretcher bars and started to stitch with the Vineyard Silk. Wow. That stuff is the slickest silk I've used.

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