Saturday, January 20, 2007

Food instead of stitching

Okay. Today I did finish kitting up Lynne Nicollet's Posieden = everything except the fabric. I'm waiting till tomorrow morning when I can do that in the sunlight.

I was appalled at what I found at my local Micheal's. I had decided instead of going through all my floss for the 27 skeins of DMC, that I would take advantage of a sale and go buy some new stuff. At my Michael's the floss is in trays, in rows, but totally out of order. With many colors missing. Mixed in the regular DMC, was DMC rayon and Perle cottons. I bounced all over trying to find the 27 skeins I needed. I felt lucky to have located 23 of them. I had the other 4 at home. Had also bought the beads and Kreinik previously.

Of course my Michaels is right near a Whole Foods. And I was looking for fish for supper. We ended up with quite an elegant little meal. Organic baby romaine with asiago and cracked peppercorn dressing. Lemon sole with tarrogon butter. And parsleyed rice with an aged organic Gouda cheese. A nice unprentenious CA chardonnay from Modesto = Corq Dorq. Nice name. And brownies for desert. 'Cause a meal like that calls for chocolate.

Now to decide what to eat tomorrow night for the all important Patriots/Colts game.

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Jenn said...

Corq Dorq, eh? Oh the jokes...

And yes I am definitely rooting for the Patriots. I wanna see a repeat of Superbowl XX!!!!!

Jenn the Bears fan :)