Saturday, January 27, 2007


Where in the world is this impulse to stitch UFOs coming from? After already finishing 2 projects in January, yesterday I picked up my Agnes Scott sampler by With My Needle. I last stitched on this at an EGA meeting and put it down because I knew I had a line of stitching to frog - thread had knotted on the back and I didn't notice it till I was at the end of a long piece of silk thread. Yesterday I frogged that. Restitched it. And continued on with the border. Spent sometime looking over my previous stitching and what is still to come. I am about 40% finished with this. There is some satin stitching that I have chosen to do later. I like doing the satin at the end of the project so it all lays beautifully flat.


Anna van Schurman said...

Who cares where the urge has come from? Rejoice! And get those UFOs stitched. :) I picked up Tree of Life Window this weekend. And mistakenly frogged a section I thought was in the wrong spot. D'oh!

Trish said...

That's wonderful that you're finishing up UFOs!

Keep up the good work!!!