Wednesday, July 04, 2007

First Time Since 1999

This is the first year we will be missing Sis's 4th of July blow-out at the lake in NH. Guess I'll have to settle for looking at pics of celebrations past. Missing family. Sigh.

But. In other news.

Last week's EGA meeting was a class for a little Quaker heart ornie that was in Piecework magazine last year. Supposed to be GAST Cherry Wine on a 32 ct cream linen. Well, I had a piece of Lakeside Linen's Bittersweet in 32ct that was large enough to use. And a floss toss of my overdyeds on this fabric made me reject the GAST in favor of a Needle Necessities in red (number unknown.) I've got other things I should be stitching on, but this is working up quickly and it looks so nice, that I can hardly help myself. Now I see what is drawing people to those Long Dog and other similiar samplers. And I'm totally digging on the Quaker style motifs. (Quaker samplers being a category I've until now successfully avoided - I see a problem emerging...)

Started In the Sea by Monkeyworks (
I had a piece of antique blue linen and changed the threads. I've got 2 waterlilies that I'm using.

I obviously need to take some pictures and post them. I'm so bad at this.

And finally. I picked up my framed Poseidon and then dropped it off for the customer show at my LNS. The framing is gorgeous. This piece may be too pretty to put in the bathroom as per my original plan.

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