Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stitchy Stuff News

On Sunday while watching the Red Sox beat the White Sox, I finished the Knotted Tree's "Evergreen Topiary." And on Monday I handed it over to my colleague who will now finish it into a pillow for the shop. Very soothing work, this was. Fabric was??? Fog? by Picture this Plus? Will have to ask. The fiber was Silk n Colours Acorn Woods. Total pleasure to stitch. I was supposed to give it back to my partner, but as I knew she already had another shop model in the works, I just finished it.

This meant I was searching for what's next. I have a few crewel pieces lined up. But I couldn't find my crewel fabric for one of them and I didn't want to start my bigger crewel piece without first sharpening my skills on a smaller piece. So I looked at them. And then remembered that I have a class kit for a crewel initial ornament somewhere. I found that. And realized that her stitch and finishing instructions are great. But there was no advice on transfering the pattern to the fabric. Unfortunately I did a bad job of doing that and again found myself in need of my crewel fabric that I couldn't find.

In the process of finding that fabric I found my DMC Linea stash that I bought on clearance. So now I'm working up sunglass/cell phone holder on black with pearl cotton.

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