Friday, July 27, 2007

Stashy Diet

I actually made it in and out of the Scarlet Thread for morning stitch-in without purchasing a single thing. Yeah for me.

And yesterday my Daylight lamp showed up. Was simple to put together. Now I am just searching for the right configuration of furniture to best utilize this product. I'm thinking that I may need to swap my chair with DH's Lazy Boy. Still need to decide if it's more helpful to have lamp on my left or right. I'm not sure if they ever made an accessory tray for this lamp in black. I can't seem to find one on-line. I may just purchase the silver one. It's going to be covered with stuff anyway.

Camera battery is charging. Will post photos of latest finishes either today or tomorrow morning. Need to do a little bit of finishing work first.


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to not buy anything at The Scarlet Thread?! I went there when we picked DS up from GWU. Great shop(tiny but packed!) and very friendly owner.One of DS's roommates for nest year is from Vienna so I told him I'd be happy to give him a ride home whenevr we're down there. No ulterior motive of course! Nancy in NY (

jo said...

I go there every week for Thursday morning stitch-in. Usually I manage to buy something. Sara-Leigh saves the new things to show us and usually the UPS man brings a box to open, too! If you're interested, go to the Scarlet Thread website and sign on to the yahoo group. We're a blend of local folks and people from around the country. Soon she's hoping to have the online store up and running.