Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why I Hate Home Depot

because going in that place raises my blood pressure every single time.

And it must be the most dangerous parking lot in my home town.

Went there yesterday with DS to pick out a peel n stick tile for kitchen floor. I am intent on covering up the abomination that is there. Most people look at and go that's not so bad. Well, 30 years of dirt and scratches make for a floor that is impossible to clean.

DS and I are in the tile aisle. Where at various times while we were there, there were up to four, count 'em, one, two, three, four employees present. Not a single one ever asked if they could help us. Now I admit that initially I didn't think we needed help. Until I started realize that they didn't have enough of any one tile that I liked to cover 150 square feet of floor. This meant there were nearly a dozen types with only 100 or less square feet. We walked up and down the types of tile. We had to keep moving our cart out of the way of said employees. Not that they asked us to. They just stood there staring at us. Maybe they weren't really employees. Maybe they were zombies wearing Home Depot name tags.

Sure enough. We left. Drove to Lowe's and spent our $$$ there.

This means. That we've moved the stuff out of the kitchen. Removed the old shoe molding. I've stained the new molding and will apply polyurethane this morning. Should be able to finish everything today.


Anna van Schurman said...

The last time I was in Home Depot I had to hunt down an employee to help me. I was in there so long looking for TSP substitute that I started to get dizzy. I think it's the high ceilings and all that orange, but I had to sit in the car for a while before I could drive home. I wish Lowe's were closer!

Jenn L said...

A business acquaintance's wife works in the corporate office and told me that their attentiveness to female customers is highly intentional. Lowe's knows damned well that women are the ones making more of the decorating type decisions. Let the guys deal with the blood n guts of the project at the Despot. Then we take over and go where we're treated well, which is Lowe's.

Anonymous said...

Zombies with HD nametags! Yes! I loathe that place. Unfortunately it's 5 minutes away while lovely Lowe's is 45. My sons and I were looking at kitchen faucets last week. I found two I liked. Then told the boys I'd make a trip up to Lowe's in Poughkeepsie to buy one. Younger son was horrified that a HD employee may have overheard me. Guess whether I cared!Nancy in NY