Friday, December 14, 2007

Apparently This is the Policy

If you google any variation of Girl Scouts and stolen cookie money you find stories galore of people who have walked away with the cookie money, usually in the thousands of dollars.

And my experience is not unique. The Councils decline to press charges for thievery because they don't want adverse publicity. They refer to the matter as a debt and call in a collection agency.

Though I kind of understand the adverse publicity thing - some people might remember reading about a case of someone stealing the cookie money and decline to buy the next year - in reality I think this encourages people to think they can get away with stealing from the Scouts who have worked hard and long.

Le sigh.

Yesterday I started the dreaded (for me anyway) queen stitches on Agnes Scott. I did a quick estimate of the number of them and think there's over 150. Yesterday I
did 11. And I messed up but refused to frog this stitch. So one floral motif will be a tiny bit higher than it should be, but I think it will be unnoticable. I just need to remember what happened when I go to stitch the other motifs so I don't move them all. I've been trying to be extremely careful with my counting and placement.

This is all the time I have. Have to go pick up DS after his last final. The kitties will be very happy to have other people to sleep with tonight as they don't like each other and that means if the big guy wants to sleep with us, the little one is out in the cold.

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Jenn L. at Needleful Things said...

Awww, see I LIKE queen stitches! I must be crazy, huh, cause I've never heard anyone else ever admit that.

I guess I'm not entirely surprised that GSA chooses to not press charges when leaders abscond with the cookie money. Not only the negative publicity that comes about, but the legal fees that they can't be sure they'll recover from the leader. They can ask the judge to award fees, but that's no guarantee that they'll get the award, and what if the leader doesn't have the funds to pay it anyway? So GSA ends up with a lien on any property they *might* have? Bah. Collections would at least screw up the leader's credit reports and hurt them worse in the long run, even if GSA never sees a penny.

Oh, and Blogger still $uxxOrz. Now I gotta go figure out this OpenID gunk.