Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fa Fa Fa Fa

It's not a Christmas tune. I'm hearing a Guster song in my head. What can I say?

Last night was DH's company holiday party. Nothing like a bunch of well-dressed people having to board buses to get from the parking lot to the hotel. I found a pair of red tuxedo pants and paired them with my red velvet jacket and a silver cami. I'm not so not into dresses anymore. DH wore his red bow tie with his tux so we kind of matched. For a place serving more than 300 at once (actually they had two large parties going on at the same time, so more than 600) they do a bang up job on the food. The salad is okay. The bread is pretty good. But the main plate was mashed potatoes with a grilled chicken breast with wing drummette still attached plated with a some kind of cream sauce alongside a piece of tenderloin over mashed squash with a demi glacee and asparagus. Almost forgot their idea of appetizers - mini beef wellingtons, crab cakes, and veggies and good cheeses.

I was not into standing up - knees still complaining. But it was fun anyway. Even if we didn't dance.

Oh and I took a huge gamble yesterday. I haven't had a haircut in over a year. But I was hating the way the layers were growing out. So I stopped at a Hair Cuttery and let someone chop three inches off. It looks better. I nearly walked out though because of the inorganization. Glad I did it. Still isn't a true hairstyle cut, but considering my hair grows nearly an inch a month, this needed to be done.

This means I spent the night looking at women's hairstyles. Considering I spend most of my time with my hair pinned to the top of my head or pulled back in a ponytail, I could use some options. There was one woman there with striking white hair down past her shoulders. I loved it. Wish mine would hurry up and do that color. But so many women of a certain age just seem to give up and cut it short. Either football helmet hair or short permed poodle hair. I refuse. I'd rather have long and straggly thank you very much.

We may fa la la later. Time to drag out the Christmas decorations. Something to do during the Army/Navy game. Go Army!

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