Friday, December 21, 2007

As Promised

Here's Agnes Scott - some of the work in that's close in color to the linen doesn't show up. I've still got some serious stitching to do on this piece. But I'm pretty darn determined.


xstitcher4 said...

THIS is what you should have titled Accomplishments!! What a great job!

Anonymous said...

Donna, your Agnes Scott piece is beautiful. Have a merry Christmas and ......maybe I will see you at Celebrations in New Hampshire?

jo said...

Martha, I've got a conflict for Celebrations. I was originally planning on attending, but it's the weekend of my 30th high school reunion. Can't make up my mind which thing to attend. Though I know where I'd have the most fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's GORGEOUS! Maria S. K-W, Ont.

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon your lovely Agnes Scott. What a beautiful job you have done!

I hope that you have enjoyed stitching Agnes and that soon "she" wil grace the walls of your home.

I would love to have a photo when the sampler is framed.