Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moving Along

Was stitching on my Quaker piece yesterday and am still in awe of how meditative stitching on that piece is. I am halfway across the top and 1/3 of the way down the side, does this mean it's 1/6th done? This is gonna be a big one. Just trying to bust through this particular color right now so I can get to the blues and the purple. It's a Crescent Colours Persimmon which means it is kind of a peachy orange? A color that does not exist anywhere else in my house. And I'm not particularly fond of it.

Things I like about this piece - I get to stitch with a really long thread and just when I think this could go on forever, I'm at the end of the thread. Hmm. How does that happen? I'm creating a pattern, yet my mind can wander and there aren't any mistakes. Wow! How does that happen? Because this is on a 28" scroll frame, I end up sitting kind of funny with one knee up to prop up the end and then I can stitch two-handed. Yet I don't feel like I've been imitating a pretzel when I get up. Huh. How does that happen?

Lakeside Linens Magnolia is a splendid color supposedly equivalent to DMC 3865. I think I needs yards of this stuff.

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