Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Big Yippee!

First up, let's celebrate that I can eat again! I'm wiping last week from my mind, at least the part between lunch on Monday and lunch on Friday. I am extremely thankful that no one else in my house got ill. 

Second, let's happy dance for a finished square on Stars!

I present to you, Eva St. Marie. I've had an up and down relationship with Ms. St. Marie. One moment I was in love, and the next moment, bleh. But that final application of blue that sort of makes a ring around the central motif, took my breath away. I truly wish you see it in person. It's way better than the photo! (But Vivien Leigh is still my favorite!)

It was difficult finishing because I had just started watching the first season of Dexter. Took me 5 episodes to finish this because I kept getting totally distracted from the stitching. I may start to think of this as the psycho square... I did make one little substitution. I've been using Gumnut's Poppies for the JL Walsh silk and wool thread that is no longer being made. But the Gumnuts was too much and I substituted some Pearl #8 which I think worked just fine. I'll be moving back one square to the left and stitching Marlon Brando next. 

I can hear my DH and son revving up for the Super Bowl by watching the DVD's of the Patriots Super Bowl wins. Nothing makes my husband happier than watching these games. So silly. I'm off to whip up some appropriate football food - piggies in a blanket and sliders and fresh veggies and dip. 

And Aunt Signe, this one's for you - Go, Packers!!!



Sara Leigh said...

Very pretty! Good for you for actually stitching Stars so soon after the retreat. Hahaha! I actually thought about it the other day but didn't follow through.

Anna van Schurman said...

Shouldn't that be Eva Marie Saint? I mean, if it really is all about the celebrities? I'm going to chalk it up to your being week from hunger. A needlepoint square by any other name would still be gorgeous. Or something. (And I've even been eating for the last week.)