Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy January Update

I'm pretty happy with how this is coming along. It's The Victoria Sampler's O Canada. I need to find some pearl #12 to match the linen so I can do the dividing bands. Somehow I missed that while kitting this. Not sure how that happened. I love how the alphabet is just flowing along and then it breaks into O Canada. Yup. Next line starts with DA. 

I have figured out a way to personalize this piece to suit me.  The number on the piece is 125 - for the birthday Canada was celebrating when Thea designed this piece. I've decided to use 250 because that's how many years ago my ancestor emigrated to Canada. And I'll be putting genealogy information in place of the song lyrics.

And this is R. Le Tellier by Queenstown Samplers. Lots of green and red. I had to start the alphabet before I went into a Christmas coma. 

I'll be taking both of these with to Florida soon. I got my pedicure yesterday and my toes are already for the beach!
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CalamityJr said...

LOVE your threads on O, Canada!

Donna said...

I didn't think I'd love the threads on this piece as much as I do. I tend not to think in subtle colors. Sigh.