Sunday, February 13, 2011

Post Number 1812 - Cue the Orchestra

Yes. It is a birthday finish! 

 The entire piece.

 A bit more detail. This is a project that was published in Needlearts magazine in 2005 and 2006. It was published as a mystery band sampler by Jana Kerr. 

I've got two tiny areas to address, but essentially I finished it yesterday on my birthday. Ten episodes of Dexter and it's done. Which means that Dexter isn't really a great show to stitch by. I keep getting distracted. 

It's about 30 inches long. We, as in me and two friends, started teaching this piece in our guild at the January meeting. I'm happy to have it finished. 

Maybe you can see where I need to add two more four sided stitches in the above photo on the left hand side. I totally forgot that my basting line was one thread off. See what I mean by distracting? 

I got through that entire Queen stitch strawberry without swearing once. It's pretty to look at, but I still put Queen stitch on top of my most hated stitches pile. If you feel differently, that's okay. Because I can French knot for days and weeks without complaint. It kind of all balances out. 



Karen said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on your finish! What a great way to spend your birthday. I love Dexter, but it's hard to watch it and get any stitching done.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday. What a great finish. I love Dexter too and I don't get much stitching done when he is on. I am now hooked on Big Love and that is slowing me down. French Knots are one of my favorite things to do. I find them relaxing. Love the Teresa Layman projects. Wish she had more items that were something besides doll house rugs.

Erica said...

Happy (belated) birthday and congrats on the finish. It's lovely!

I can do french knots until the cows come home too. I don't mind them one little bit. When I was learning how to do them, I remember taking a piece of fabric (likely Aida as it was in the early days of my stitching career) and some random floss and just kept doing french knots over and over and over until I had it down. Those knots don't scare me! :-)

C in DC said...

A great finish. Happy Birthday!