Monday, February 07, 2011

Crazy January Day VI Update

Update is a code word for finish, at least in this case. That makes four finishes out of fifteen. 

 I really do need to work on balancing my colors better. The green canvas is a true hunter green. This is the Laura J. Perin design that was on the cover of Needlepointers May 2010. I didn't think I needed it in red, so I did it in green. Very cute and sweet. Took five days of stitching time for me to finish this one. Should have gone faster, but I've been a bit lazy lately. I need more sun and fewer gray days.

Then again, my color problems may have something to do with my viewing things on this computer. I'll have to check into that. 

Not sure what I will do with this. Maybe a box? Or do I want to frame it? Maybe a stand up ornament for St. Patrick's Day? Or I could just put it in the finished pile. Sigh. 

1 comment:

Sara Leigh said...

This turned out really nice, Donna. I like it in green, an Irish heart.