Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alright. Move Along. There's Nothing to See Here

Who felt the earth move? 

We felt the earth move!


RuthB said...


Glad to know you weather it well.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Actually we just saw the water in a water bottle slosh. Pretty boring! It is much more exciting in D.C. where everyone had to evacuate their 3-4 story office building and get sent home, causing giant traffic jams.

However, the puppy did hide under the desk before the earthquake hit, proving once again that dogs are smart, even if they are brainless and feckless giant puppies.

BFromM said...

I felt the earth move. It was little eerie, as I looked up at the wooden exposed beams in the "old mill building turned into an office building" of my office.

Ann said...

We did--and we're much farther south than you are. For a moment I thought my vertigo had returned--until I saw a coworker staring with a bemused expression on his face. More of a non-event here!

Sara Leigh said...

Things were shakin' at Michael's, where I was at that moment, but nothing fell down. All the office buildings around my apartment building were evacuated for an hour or so. Nothing moved in my apartment on the 23rd floor. It was kind of a nonevent for me, briefly exciting and surprising.