Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hi! Ho! Miss Me?

Here I am in lovely New Hampshire. The weather's been beautiful till today - 70s and 80s with very little humidity and lots of sunshine and soft breezes. That alone is a vacation from the steamy suburban jungle I usually reside in. 

Today - no sun, tomorrow maybe some rain? But we'll be fine. DH is fighting off a cold and I am hoping not to succumb myself, 'cause that would kind of suck.

Had an uneventful drive, always a good thing. Been enjoying the hospitality of my in-laws and visiting with relatives. Yesterday was Old Home Day in my hometown and got to see and chat with some old friends and relatives that we don't always get to see. 

On Friday, we had some spare time and I convinced DH that we should go the John Paul Jones house. I'm going to write a separate post about our visit. 

Let's just say I've been making some stitchy progress on a certain piece and I'll have photos for you soon.

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