Friday, August 05, 2011

Good News and Stitchy Update

Updates first. Here's where I am on the Count of Needlemania. I was very encouraged about this piece when I got to see a version of Janet Zickler Casey's Bone Jangles finished this week. He's looking mean, but he's really very Count Chocolua.

This is the flamingo design I'm stitching to attach to a canvas tote bag that I'm bringing to Seminar in Naples. I love flamingos. In fact, I love most birds. Don't why it took me decades to figure out that I should have majored in ornithology.

And here's the good news. I found my lost project!!!

There was this medium sized white shopping bag on top of a bookcase where I never, ever put projects. And every time I looked at it I thought it was a needle felting kit that I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool. Well, on Wednesday I found out I was wrong. And I'm so happy to have located this as the chart's not inexpensive. And I had some money invested in threads. I didn't realize it was missing until two weeks after I bought the threads when I bought the canvas. 

Here we see one possible color way kind of based on my Vera Bradley bag. I may or may not stay with this plan. But I'm thrilled to be able to contemplate it again.


lewmew said...

In My Wildest Dreams is definitely on my want list. Can I buy it from you when you are done with it?


threadmedley said...

Congrats! I'm so glad you found the instructions for Wildest Dream. The colors you've shown would be excellent for the project! Hope you have time to start it soon.

Donna said...

Linda, I'm going to have this pattern for a long time. I'm in no rush to start it. And no rush to finish it. LOL

lewmew said...

LOL! Well, one can always hope it moves up. Maybe my Christmas present to myself. I still have 108 squares left on Amazing Color :)

Donna said...

Oooh. I just saw someone starting Amazing Color. Serious envy here.

Sara Leigh said...

I'm so glad you finally found it! I also know where Linda could get the pattern. Hahahahaha.