Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

Let's start by asking forgiveness in advance for any typos. This laptop sometimes does crazy things. It's a 5 year old Sony and lately it seems to have a mind of it's own leading me to watch what I type and I spend a lot of time going back and correcting things. Most frustrating is when entire lines disappear and I realize I'm now typing in the middle of a previous sentence.

Queen Irene was basically a non-event here. Though we did see some trees down yesterday coming home the back way, in our neighborhood it's just small branches and we never once lost power. My sister in NH did have a car taken out by a tree. But she never liked that car anyway...LOL.

So given that the sun was trying to shine yesterday morning, DH and I decided to take advantage of two free tix to the Baltimore Antique show. Did not purchase one single thing. But saw lots of lovely stuff. The absolute first thing to catch my eye was a 18th century man's wallet done in crewel work. With an $11,000 price tag. I have to admit it looked to be in flawless condition. There were two more wallets with it done in flame stitch that were much more reasonable at around $1,000 a piece. They both had a few tiny condition issues. I saw about a dozen schoolgirl samplers ranging in price from $1,000 to $30,000. And visited with a few textile dealers. DH and I did some fantasy shopping. Had fun. But can't afford the Tiffany prices.

I've been collecting my supplies for Seminar and I think I have everything now. Just need to decide what I'm mailing to my mother's in Florida and what's traveling with me.

I've finished my flamingo and need to attach it to its bag. And mostly I've been doing pleasure stitching this week. Not a whole ton of progress, but I've been enjoying what I've been stitching. I do have some obligation stuff that needs attention and I should sort that out today or tomorrow. 

I've been living vicariously through the people reporting on ANG seminar going on now in San Antonio. This morning I was perusing the photos of the class pieces for next year in Philadelphia. There are some things that might be calling my name.

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Needle Nicely said...

Afternoon showers are what keep hurricanes away. If the thunderstorm front is over Florida, the tropical cyclones can't get in. Something we're truly grateful for! But I do apologize for the sticky humidity.
Hope you enjoy your stay otherwise. Mary Agnes