Monday, August 01, 2011

The Count

One. One photo. 

Two. Two photo. 

Ah. Ah. Ah.

Current project - the Count of Needlemania by Janet Zickler Casey which was on the cover of Needlepointers magazine last year. 

 He's looking a bit serious here. But once you add his mouth with the fangs, he starts to look a bit more goofy. 

We've been stitching this in my ANG chapter. I'm playing catch-up! But the basketweaving has been great no sweat stitching. Like our leader for this project, I'm using Splendor instead of DMC. I've also ditched the Highlights 'cause I hate that stuff. The photo on the cover of the mag is not very true to color. The inside of the collar on his cape is red and the ribbon holding his bat medal is orange. But whatever. Stitching on him has all been happy time!
 I admit to working on him on Friday instead of Stars. Bad girl. Bad. And I didn't stitch much at all last week. 

But I have gotten stuff off the floor of my studio - one more time - and now I'm contemplating a rearrangement of furniture. After more than half a year, I can see what's not working. I may not get to this until after Seminar in September. But thinking about improvements is a great past time. And I'd like to get it right this time. 

Also spent a couple hours yesterday going through stitching magazines. Yikes. Did some judicious ripping and came out with 12 lbs of Needlearts for the recycle bin. All is not yet in order. I could spend more time on this today. Someday I'm going to have to create a database of these projects. There's a project for when I break a leg or something!


Lynn asked what I'm using instead of Hi-lights (look I can spell it correctly when I look it up!) I'm using a Treasure Braid size 8 that was a recommended substitute in my LNS. 


Anna van Schurman said...

Yeah, it's no good having all those ripped out patterns and articles and having no idea what or where they are. When you break your leg, can you do mine too? :)

Lynn said...

What are you using as a substitute for Highlights? I'm always looking for something else to use in lieu of.

riona said...

I have been [utting the magazine charts in plastic sleeves and filing them by categories [samplers, motifs, seasonal, holidays, etc.] in the same big 2" binder in which I keep the complimentary charts I print from the Internet. Then, every so often, I go through the binder and ruthlessly discard the ones that no longer catch my eye, promote a few to the "to be stitched" i/2" vinyl floppy binder I keep in the project bag by the stitching chair and save the rest till the next culling. A crazy and sometimes wasteful system but it works for me!